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Best Adult Web Hosting Providers

Adult sites require essential security and massive bandwidth due to the contents which mostly are videos. For this reason, many have designed packages that would fulfill all the requirements of hosting an adult site.

The site would also require powerful servers that provide ultra-blazing speed for audio and video streaming so that the customers can stream the videos and audios smoothly and clutter-free.

Adult websites often need unlimited data transfer due to the significant amount of downloads for each particular user. It is crucial that the audience can view all the contents, scripts hassle-free which is possible only if the hosting provider offers high speed and unlimited bandwidth. from rozy . Not just the adult site but for sites that contain movies and games also have the same requirements to be fulfilled.

Some of the best adult web hosting providers in 2020 are:

1: ViceTemple

ViceTemple is the largest Adult hosting network on the internet. The company offers specialized adult web hosting, adult VPS, adult domains, escorte heterosexuale , etc . If you are looking for pure adult web hosting, ViceTemple is undoubtedly a perfect choice as it allows all adult content. Their servers are designed to handle significant traffic. All their plans come with full privacy, and their servers ignore all copyright claims.

2: HostGator is the biggest web hosting brand globally. From shared to dedicated, they offer all types of servers, VPS, cloud, shared under one roof with the highest number of customers, highest domains hosted,  better customer support, greater discount always.

3: Hostinger

Build your website worry-free with Hostinger. it is one of the fastest web hosting providers which offers to light fast page load and supports all type of content. You are allowed top host 18+ content without any issues.

4: AbeloHost

AbeloHost provides #1 offshore hosting solutions and enables adult content or adult project with super-fast content delivery, SSD Storage and copyright proof. As most of the hosting providers have a strict policy on adult content due to data center location restrictions or company policy. While AbeloHost has its offices and Data-centers in Amsterdam, It can be classified as an offshore adult hosting provider.

5: Dreamhost

DreamHost is a top NON-EIG hosting company that is again very famous for top customer support, unlimited features, and no limit web hosting experience. For adult/Dating types of website, Dreamhost offers a eat onboard experience.

6: TMD Hosting

TMDHosting is one of the most recommended web/cloud hosting for adult content websites. It has won “editor choice” from PCMag and recommended by top companies like host advice, etc. TMDHosting provided various kinds of solutions and services. From shared to VPS or dedicated, they have every product under their roof.

7: Altus Host

AltusHost is another super cloud Hosting provider in Europe which has a great presence in the continent. With superior Adult web hosting solutions like offshore hosting, Business web hosting.

All their plans come with 45 days full money-back guarantee, Their Business shared web hosting plan seats from €5.95 per month which comes with premium features like an unlimited sub, parked domains, Netherlands based server, WordPress installer.

8: CloudWays

Cloudways is an advanced managed cloud hosting platform that allows you to host and manage your website om cloud servers. Many of the cloud services allow legal adult content but they only offer un-managed raw VPS.

Cloudways on other hand providers complete managed platforms where you can host your website on your favorite cloud provider ozx with complex managed features like backups, email, file manager, free SSL, CDN, PHPMyAdmin,cPanel and round the clock instant support.

When hosting such type of websites, one should consider the laws and abide them. Not abiding the rules will put you in menace. Always makes sure to host your website on servers that permit adult content, don’t even think about hosting your site on servers that restrict such materials or else the hosting provider might take strict action against you.

Although adult web hosting services are a little expensive as compared to normal business hosting services, the list of web hosting providers mentioned in this post offers the cheapest adult web hosting services. You are not too far to host your adult site with one of these hosting providers.

It is also essential to update the content regularly as the contents get viewed every day by many people around the world. People visiting this site are always looking for fresh content hence to keep them attracted to the site, contents should be updated regularly each day.


Search Engine Optimization

How SEO For Adult Business Works


1 – Keyword Analysis: Plan Your Online Business Wisely to Increase Its Chances of Success

Check out the competition. Before getting started, one should always do their homework. Similar to a business plan, you should first identify competitors in your adult vertical or niche. In fact, a thorough competitor analysis will unveil a treasure trove of crucial information, namely the most powerful keywords for which other businesses rank for, how webmasters optimize their sites, what type of content works best and other useful strategies.

Here’s 2 factors you absolutely need to take into account for each keyword:

  1. Volume: If your keyword has no traffic, it can be useless. On the flipside, if your keyword has a lot of volume, the competition rises. If you’re new, start at the bottom and work your way up. This means targeting low-volume keywords with less competition to slowly grow your domain authority (DA). Established sites with great organic traffic can tackle more competition to remain leaders in their respective niches.
  2. Competition: Unsurprisingly, evergreen or powerful keywords are extremely competitive. The more competition, the lower your odds of actually making a dent with your SEO for adult business strategy.

2 –  Website Structure: Build Your Website with SEO in Mind to Attract More Traffic

Having your website built according to the SEO for adult business guidelines underneath is capital. We can’t stress this enough: these steps are essential if you wish to grow a sustainable online business. Fist off: start by building the very foundations of your website. When choosing a domain name, you’ll want to keep it simple. This will help you generate type-in traffic. Also called direct traffic, type-in traffic is traffic that lands on your website by simply “typing-in” your URL (usually the case with short domain names, dictionary word domains, or memorable ones).   The more powerful & memorable your brand is, the more type-in you’ll get, and—consequently—the more it can improve your rankings in Google.

3 – Website Content: Attract Big Volumes of High Quality Traffic Thanks to the Relevancy of Your Content

If you planned your online presence correctly, you already know the keywords you’ll be focusing your efforts on. Once you have your main focus keyword(s) in your domain name (in an ideal situation), you should use your other target keywords in the URL of your pages or posts. Another good practice is to avoid using stop words in your page slug. However, the efficiency of this practice has become more and more debatable since it doesn’t seem to be as relevant as it once was for SEO for adult business purposes.

In SEO for adult business, the quantity of text provided on a page is paramount.

➝ You should have AT LEAST 750 words per page (ideally). This is almost a bare minimum since it’s commonly accepted that it should be at least 1500 words for mainstream websites. The reason is simple: written content is what search engine bots are looking at. The more relevant written content you have, the more likely you are to get a higher ranking.

4 – Optimize Your Backlink Strategy to Attract Both Direct and Organic Traffic

Without a doubt, backlinks are the absolute best things to attract both direct and organic traffic. They have become so important over the years that they are now considered as the backbone of any good SEO strategy. There’s actually a crucial SEO for adult business secret related to backlinks. Having backlinks shows search engines that your content is worth sharing and – consequently – has a direct effect on your ranking. That’s why backlinks are so important: in addition to bringing direct traffic that clicks on the links, they have a direct effect on organic traffic acquisition.

5 – Analyse Your SEO for adult business Value

Everybody will agree that it’s fairly easy to get lost in data… especially nowadays. Regarding your SEO value, there are mainly 3 things to analyze:

1- Your Organic Traffic volume
The analysis of your organic traffic should give you some valuable information about where to put your SEO efforts next, especially in regards to your website structure.

➝ Compare your organic traffic volume according to different devices to see the structural points to improve. As we’ve seen earlier in this guide you can have a different ranking on search engine on mobile and desktop. If your website is well structured and optimized for mobile, you should have at least the same volume of mobile and desktop traffic (usually even more mobile traffic). Therefore, if you have less mobile than desktop traffic, this should ring a bell!

If it’s the case, it means that you should probably put some efforts in either one or more of these things:

  • The mobile version of your website.
  • Your loading speed.
  • The implementation of your HTTPS protocol.
  • Your source code.

2 – Your Rank on Search Engines & the number of impressions. This is the backbone of SEO analysis.

➝ Analyse your existing keywords and your position on SERPs to either improve your ranking or detect new opportunities. Try answering these questions:

  • On which keywords are you ranking? On which pages?
  • How many impressions did you get last week? Last month? Last year?
  • What’s your click-through-rate (CTR) on these keywords?

3 – Your Backlinks
As we’ve seen earlier, it’s important to maintain some quality standards in regards to your backlinks.

➝ Watch the quality and the quantity of your backlinks like a hawk. Whether it’s regarding the anchor text, the tags or the source of the backlink, one thing you should always take a look at is the actual SEO juice transmitted. Moreover, you should ALWAYS be on the lookout for more backlinks.


Putting in routine SEO efforts should always be an ongoing process. And if you stick at it and don’t give up, your website can easily become your main source of revenue for many years to come. Start optimizing your adult website today and watch your organic traffic soar!

Search Engine Optimization

What Is Adult SEO ?

Adult SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization made specifically for sites in the Adult industry and sites with content for adults.

The adult market is highly competitive and tends to grow more and more. With increasing demand and supply, search engines also increase their website positioning criteria to better meet users’ expectations. The rules for the Adult niche are also quite strict. That’s why a specialized service for Adult websites is vital to your business’s digital marketing strategy.

The most searched words and phrases on the Internet by users around the world are related to adult content. The term “escorts”, for example, is searched over 300,000 times a month. If you get a 1% conversion from that number, you can get 3000 new customers in just one month. And this is just one word – among millions of search term possibilities – to consider in your SEO strategy.

Adult SEO

Websites positioned on the first page of Google, especially in the first 5 positions, are those that receive the most traffic (approximately 70% of clicks). However, with stiff competition, you need to apply the right SEO plan to get good placement in users’ search results.

The adult market is one of the most disputed areas with the highest number of monthly internet searches. With our experience, we can help your business stand out from the competition by increasing quality traffic and ROI!

Adult SEO is a set of specialized practices, techniques and recommendations for:

  • Positioning your business in the top search engine positions with the right keywords for your audience;
  • Overcome competition and capture more quality traffic;
  • Increase conversions (contacts, leads, sales, etc) and ROI;

SEO for Adult Niche Websites is an essential technique for promoting the visibility of your website on the Internet and gaining the right exposure to search engines and customers. Of course, with the concern not to hurt the network’s good practices or expose your business to Google’s penalties. Unlike paid advertising campaigns, SEO is a more sustainable medium- and long-term payback process where organic traffic is the focus – which is the most qualified traffic for your business.

Adult SEO packages are a mix of techniques an adult SEO firm uses to achieve a higher ranking of websites on search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yandex. Page one is the ultimate target for site managers, as in the first batch of results the search engines have become experts at being able to answer the most important questions.

To get into SEO for Adult Sites research, let ‘s start with internal optimization, also called “on-site optimization,” which is simply the process of inputting elements that engines can look at to determine a website’s relevance to a search query. If the engine’s algorithm finds these signals to be compatible with what a searcher is searching for, it will rank higher.

External optimization is a vital part of the SEO cycle which is used by adult SEO marketing companyand contributes 2-35 percent to the ranking of a website. The remaining ones are attributed to factors outside the location. The key things engines look at are the content present on the web, the form, consistency, and quantity of links pointing to it, as well as the links pointing out from that web. There are a few other metrics worth looking at, but the most important ones are these. Therefore, there should be some key points to ensure every adult SEO campaign and adult website SEO is successful. They are:

1. Adult website SEO mobile optimization

You have to go where it’s to get website traffic. One prime target is mobile search. In 2017, it was forecast that a quarter of a billion people would access adult content. All via mobile devices. Also, one in five mobile searches is on adult content viewers. Google has now made a ranking factor for the mobile-friendly sites. To help your site rank high on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), apply this.

2. Consider what people are looking for

When you don’t know what the people are looking for, you can’t get organic adult traffic. Analysis of the main search words is reliable. Keep posted on just what kind of content people want. Make sure that your website has this content and features the correct keywords.

Here are some notable areas:

A. Free Stock

Of the 10 internet adult content viewers, 9 are involved in free content only. Feature free content for these users to bring in. The created adult traffic by adult SEO marketing company will make your pay content available to the paying users.

B. Downloadable In halts

24 percent of mobile owners have a computer, and they watch adult content. Therefore, the website should provide downloadable content to satisfy this requirement.

C. Pay-per-view

Adult content viewers account for 69 percent of internet content on pay-per-view. Having such a payment plan is sure to please those who are looking for that option.

3. Study your rivals & steal your traffic

What if you were able to get a glimpse of your competitor’s traffic inside? Their landing pages at the top? Their keywords to the top? Does it connect their best back? Well, this is entirely possible thanks to sites such as SEMrush. SEMrush lets you enter the URL of your rivals and get all the juicy details you need to get a better understanding of how they are doing exactly compared to you. This is key for dominating your niche and staying ahead in the world of escort SEO and adult SEO services.

4. Understand the market of your goal

Know who’s after the material. Then direct your efforts to sell your adult platform to the right people. Here are a few tips to help you given by adult SEO company:

• Higher subscriptions to adult pages come from urban areas than rural areas
• Many payments come from individuals who have higher than average incomes in households
• Locations of many ages 15- to 24 have higher subscriptions
• Most payments are from individuals with undergraduate qualifications

You can deliver content which they like by knowing your target users. Hence, when looking for adult content, they will select your place.

5. Adult SEO experts suggest for more adult flow, use Long Tail Keywords

Adult SEO agencies mention that this is an SEO technique applicable to any site form not just adult SEO. And it does work ! Long-tail keywords don’t get massively big searches every month. They do have limited rivalry, however. Just imagine targeting just a handful of other websites with a keyword found. How can you consider keywords like those?

6. Excel at SEO Onsite

Onsite SEO is a crucial place you can never ignore. If your platform isn’t designed for adult SEO, anything else you do outside of your web will go to waste.


There are so many tweaks and tricks to get your adult platform on organic traffic. But notably Standard SEO tactics, such as submitting a sitemap which creates impeccable material and the procedures set out in search engines such as Google. Although there are still Blackhat SEO tricks, they are no longer useful on the long haul.